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Buy weed wax online: great quality for a reasonable price

The odds are that you already know what weed wax is. It is a more advanced way of getting high off weed. Weed shatter is produced by BHO extraction. The active substance that is contained in weed, CBD and THC, are extracted with butane and then purged. This is why it is so potent, the concentration of THC can be as high as 90% in some products. This means more high with less product.

As a pleasant addition to the fun you get out of it, the products we offer at our shatter weed shop are less damaging to your lungs than using weed flowers. Have you ever seen black tar on your bong or pipe? That comes from the plant material. Some of that tar ends up in your lungs. With weed wax, this is not a concern at all. The vapor you get out of it is stripped of anything that might result in tar. Not to say that using it is healthy, but it is definitely healthier than weed flowers.

Weed shatter is used to refer to THC oil that has cooled down on a sheet of paper and ended up being brittle and easy to break. It looks like a piece of caramel, and you can break it as easily as you would a caramel popsicle. As you break it into smaller shards, you put them into the dome of your device and smoke it.

Headshop also offers weed wax for sale. It can be more malleable that shatter but is essentially the very same thing. It is not as brittle, and you would have to use a dab tool to dab it.

The best place to buy weed shatter online

You don’t have to go to the cannabis shop anymore. Order weed from the comfort of your home, pay with Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin, and get your purchase delivered to your door by FedEx. Make sure that weed is legal in your state before placing an order, however, as we might not be able to ship our products to some states.

Headshop offers a lot of different kinds of weed concentrates, and weed shatter is just one of them. We have a variety of shatters according to weed strain as well. Blueberry Kush and Chemo shatter are a great choice to get started. Browse the product pages, you can read more information on the weed strain there. We always tell you what the percentage of THC and CBD there is in the shatter so you can pick the best one for you.

Weed shatter price at Headshop starts at $100 per ½ oz or $2,000 per pound. There are more expensive strains, but the price doesn’t go over $230 per ½ oz. For this price, you get a way more potent substance than you would otherwise get out of weed flowers for the same amount of money.

Browse this category and place an order for weed wax online in just several seconds. We work from Monday to Sunday and process the orders that come in the morning on the same day.

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