The best place to buy marijuana seeds online

What is the reason to buy weed flowers if you can buy weed seeds online? Just think about it, you can become your own master cultivator and control all the process. While many people say that it’s better to leave growing to the professionals, we believe that everyone can become an ameteur marijuana cultivator. Nowadays, home growing is not the remnant of the times when marijuana was illegal, and you had to risk buying it on the street. Today it can be a great growing hobby for all weed lovers.


Order weed seeds online and grow your own weed flowers at home. You are no longer confined to the choice you have in your local cannabis shop. If you like a certain type of strain, you won’t have to go and buy it every time, just grow it. When looking through our extensive range of marijuana seeds, you will come across everything from AK-47 to White Widow. You can rest assured that all the strains we have are of the highest quality as we’ve carefully tasted all our products in the lab .

Online marijuana seeds to grow indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is the obvious choice if you don’t have a field to grow it in. You will have to invest in growing equipment once and buy cannabis seeds online. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest equipment, remember that you will pay to upgrade it later. Plus, the power of lighting on the spot may mean a difference in over 100 grams upon harvest.


Depending on a lighting system, you can reap anywhere from 60 to 500 grams from a single plant. Obviously, you won’t be able to buy top performing equipment for a small-scale home growing station. Regardless, you can improve your output greatly if you invest in growing lamps wisely.


Growing marijuana indoors is a great alternative for those who are taking it as medication. If you are suffering from pain, insomnia, or other symptoms that marijuana treats, you may be better off with growing it at home. This way you have a good amount of weed all the time and replenishing it constantly.

Headshop is the best online marijuana seeds store for you

When you are looking for seeds to buy, you want to go for quality. If you buy bad seeds, you won’t reap good weed. Headshop offers the best seeds that the market has. We have carefully picked strains and manufacturers to give both the variety and the quality to our customers. Browse the category page to learn more about strains of marijuana we are offering. The odds are you’ll find your favorite one here.

Buy cheap marijuana seeds online and get them delivered to your doorstep

Here at Headshop, cannabis seeds price is as low as you can find for such high-quality products. We sell most of the seeds for the same price, weather it’s autoflowering or not. The minimum number of seeds you can buy is 100. So the price of the whole order is rather high, but you’ll be using these seeds for years. That is if you’re not buying to grow weed industrial scale. Place an order now, and we will process it within a day.

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